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Array Networks, the network functions platform company, develops purpose-built systems for hosting virtual networking and security functions with guaranteed performance.

Proven at over 5000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading enterprises and service providers for next-generation technology that takes the guesswork out of NFV deployment and delivers agility at scale.

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Streamlining NFV Deployment

AVX: Streamlining NFV Deployment

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What People Are Saying

For our competitors who offer only virtual ADCs, SSL processing can be a big problem. Using Array hardware to support load balancing-as-a-service, SoftLayer can assure both scalability and performance.

- Will Tharp,
Network Services Manager, SoftLayer

The performance of the Array appliances has been excellent. The SSL performance on the Array APV5600 has been a game changer and will allow to securely grow its business.

- Hutch Craig,
Chief Technology Officer,

Our primary reasons for selecting AG Series secure access gateways were scalability and performance, strength of security features, lower support costs, ability to solve secure access challenges and Array’s ability to execute quickly.

- Paul Ratner,
Vice President of IT Operations, Humana

Array gives me everything I need in terms of load balancing and application delivery at almost half the price of competing vendors. Unless you have a specific need that justifies a premium price point, then there is no need to go there.

- Matthew Lewis,
Chief Information Officer, eClinicalWorks

Trading volume has tripled since we adopted Array technology, and the APV5600 systems have demonstrated extremely stable operation and are a significant reason why we’ve achieved the world’s third largest trading volume.

- Keita Nakamura,
Systems Department, Yahoo Japan Financial Exchange

It was clear that Array’s DesktopDirect with its mobile app for the iPad was the way to go. Now we can eliminate the need for laptops altogether – knowing the bank’s sensitive data won’t ever get into the wrong hands helps me sleep at night.

- James Gordon,
CIO & Sr. VP of IT, Needham Bank

Array’s AG Series supported mobile devices better than any other product we evaluated, and it was very important to us to be able to provide high-quality secure access from smart phones and tablets, as well as from laptops and desktops.

- Cazi Brasga,
Information Systems Supervisor, City of Santa Barbara

With Array aCelera, we have been able to significantly increase our effective throughput without having to purchase additional bandwidth. aCelera allowed us to stay current in our replication throughout the day at a fraction of the cost.

- Sean Brown,
Sr. Network Administrator, Texon LP

We use Array’s APV Series primarily for load balancing, and they handle it better than anything on the market.

- Matthew Cox,
Network Administrator, eMeetingsOnline

Array’s vAPV was ridiculously easy to deploy. All we had to do was spin it up and perform some light configuration on it. Basically it was ‘set it and forget it.’

- James Gordon,
CIO & Sr. VP of IT, Needham Bank

Aside from performance and scalability, one of the key factors in purchasing from Array as opposed to using an alternative solution, is the people who are standing behind the product.

- Derald Groth,
Technology Architect, Cash Depot

Array provided ITG with a secure remote access solution that not only facilitated uninterrupted day-to-day productivity, but provided a cost-effective solution against the effects of unplanned usage spikes.

- Steve Kass,
Director of Global Operations, ITG

For us, it’s all about the user experience. Using Array’s vxAG secure access gateway, our end-customers have secure, out-of-band access to their personal portals, and can manage and control a wide variety of features and functionality for their dedicated or virtual server environments.

- Tim Mektrakarn,
Chief Operating Officer, VPLS

Hosting is a major part of our business, and it’s constantly evolving. As we create new ventures, Array’s APV Series will help us maintain the premium user experience that we’ve become known for.

- Josh Weidman,
VP of Technology, Trapp Technology

Due to the remote access upgrade we will be making significant advances in the things we are doing. From a standpoint of the Array system, we haven't begun to stress it. Before, our back end worked beautifully, but students couldn't get to it. We no longer have that problem.

- Peter Stephenson,
CISO, Norwich University

When we looked for an SSL VPN product, we needed a solution that could handle Layer 3 connections, was easy to deploy, and would provide us with great performance. Array's product exceeded our expectations in every perspective.

- Hani Basilious,
Technical Director, Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Our employees love the Array solution because it allows them to get use their iPads for business. DesktopDirect has exceeded our requirements and has had a positive influence on our employees and their ability to conduct business.

- Tod Caflisch,
VP of IT, New Orleans Pelicans

I chose Array aCelera for several reasons. Number one was its performance. Number two was the level of service provided by the Array team. And, number three was the cost – the aCelera virtual appliance was significantly less than any other competition.

- Dwayne McCoy,
IT Manager, Boots & Coots

We evaluated various solutions and choosing Array’s secure access solution was an easy decision. Array’s DesktopDirect and not only performs to our expectations, it is also very cost-efficient, easy to implement and easy to administer.

- Steven Schneider,
CISO, Central Ohio Primary Care

Secure access is imperative to our business. Our employees have to be connected, and data must be secure. Although we haven’t used our Array BCP licenses more than once or twice, it is peace of mind to know it’s there if we need it.

- Drew Womack,
IT Manager, Harmon Law Offices

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