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The Network Functions Platform Company

Enterprise and service provider data centers continue to grow – in both complexity and expectations. Networking and security professionals are looking for ways to gain agility through software-centric approaches; however, many still rely on hardware to meet the requirements of business-critical operations.

The competing imperatives force a trade-off: opt for agility and face significant expense and complexity for guaranteed performance. Or, opt for dedicated hardware appliances and sacrifice agility. IT leadership is faced with an unfair choice that sacrifices one area for another and constrains their ability to achieve business objectives.

Array Networks is pioneering an innovative approach to eliminating this compromise. Our Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance for virtual networking and security functions.

Array Certified Platform Ready

In other words, Array is enabling agility-at-scale.

Organizations can transition to an agile approach without sacrificing the performance needed for business-critical applications. Racks of legacy gear can be consolidated to reduce space, power and cooling costs. Services can be provisioned on-demand with guaranteed SLAs. Security need not compromise the user experience.

Host Array application delivery virtual appliances, or host virtual appliances from best-of-breed networking and security vendors; the choice is yours. With Array’s virtualized hardware environment and a growing ecosystem of platform partners, businesses can finally reconcile their desire for agility with their need for performance.

To learn how Array Networks can help with you achieve agility at scale, call us today at 1-866-MY-ARRAY or email

Powered by SpeedCore

Array’s 64-bit SpeedCore® architecture is a software-centric approach to application delivery, networking and security, purpose-built to ensure high performance, as well as guaranteed performance, for virtualized networking and security functions.

SpeedCore eliminates the guesswork from enterprise NFV deployments by abstracting and automating complex tasks such as hypervisor management, virtual and physical port mapping, CPU pinning, NUMA boundary settings, SR-IOV, drivers and other impediments to agility at scale.

Download the SpeedCore white paper.

Over 5000 Deployments Worldwide

With operations spanning the US, Europe, China, Japan and India, Array Networks purpose-built systems for hosting virtual networking and security functions with guaranteed performance are proven at many of the world's top cloud service providers, banks, healthcare providers, retailers, high-tech companies and public-sector organizations.

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