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Global Server Load Balancing for Multi-Site High Availability


Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) intelligently directs traffic based on server location, load and health to enable faster application response times and provides multi-site failover in the event that geographically dispersed data centers become unavailable or unresponsive.

Array global server load balancing provides flexible, scalable and high-performance load balancing across geographically dispersed sites to provide protection against the effects of business continuity and disaster recovery events. In addition, Array GSLB serves as a DNS service, continuously monitoring load information for each application at each site to direct user requests across optimal paths to servers at highly-available locations.

Available as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other Array high-availability solutions including link load balancing and server load balancing, Array GSLB supports a wide range of traffic management policies and algorithms and supports millions of concurrent connections for scaling application availability without impacting performance.

Whether you are responsible for private enterprise networks or public or private clouds, Array GSLB solutions deliver the features, scalability and price-performance essential to ensuring 24x7 availability for business-critical applications and global operations.

Benefits of GSLB



Global server load balancing routes traffic around congestion to alternate data centers with higher levels of performance and availability.


Global server load balancing ensures applications remain up and running by distributing traffic, performing health checks and supporting high availability across locations.


Global server load balancing identifies and routes requests to the closest available data center for optimal application performance.

What Clients Say

Our customers now enjoy a dramatically improved application experience, and our network has never been more efficient. We are both impressed and completely satisfied with the capabilities of the Array load balancing solution.

Zack Shapiro

Client Operations Manager, KMV

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