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Link Load Balancing

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Link Load Balancing for Highly Available Network Connectivity


Link load balancing provides advanced failover and bandwidth management for multiple WAN connections to assure continuous operation of enterprise applications and cloud services in the event that one or more ISP links become unavailable or slow to respond.

Array link load balancing intelligently analyzes ISP WAN links to allocate bandwidth, assign priority and enable seamless failover for business-critical applications. Available as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other Array high-availability solutions including server load balancing and global server load balancing, Array link load balancers help guarantee uptime and service level agreements, reduce bandwidth costs and improve the end-user experience.

Benefits of Link Load Balancing



Ensures enterprise and service provider-class reliability and availability for applications, data services, Web sites and VPNs across multiple WAN connections in the event one or more ISP connections become unavailable.


Ensure applications are running at maximum performance by integrated acceleration , optimization and server offload.


Minimize bandwidth costs and maximize connectivity by aggregating multiple low-cost links.


A link load balancer provides real-time monitoring of WAN links and connections for health, performance and utilization, ensuring uninterrupted throughput.


Maximize WAN bandwidth efficiency by leveraging advanced bandwidth management, compression and rate shaping.


Maintain user productivity and application efficiency through eRoute™ policy-based L4 routing for directing traffic over optimal WAN links and ISPs for the highest quality user experience.

What Clients Say

Array Networks and SoftLayer have been partners for years. Rapid deployment and the extensible nature of SpeedCore APIs were the deciding factors for standardizing on Array application delivery solutions.

Sean Charnock

VP of Business Development, SoftLayer

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