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SSL Intercept for Visibility to Encrypted Traffic


The use of SSL encryption for data traffic is increasing at a rapid pace; however, encryption is a double-edged sword. Firewalls, IDS/IPS, data loss prevention and other security appliances typically do not have visibility to encrypted traffic, allowing malicious payloads to traverse the network uninspected. Where SSL is supported, appliances often do not have sufficient resources to decrypt traffic efficiently, thus impacting performance.

Array’s SSL intercept capability decrypts SSL traffic and allows 3rd-party security appliances to perform inspection, then re-encrypts traffic before forwarding it to a final destination. Built-in SSL resources offload compute-intensive decryption, allowing security appliances to operate at their peak performance level. An optional site reputatoin service protects users from sites with malicious payloads or inappropriate content, and whitelisting ensures that sensitive information to and from trusted sites is not decrypted.

In addition, Array can load balance traffic across multiple 3rd-party security appliances to help assure high performance and availability of critical security mechanisms.

Benefits of SSL Intercept


Hackers are increasingly using the secrecy cloak of SSL encryption to deliver advanced persistent threats, botnets and other malware directly into data centers and enterprises. Using Array to decrypt and re-encrypt SSL traffic allows security appliances to do what they do best, with complete visibility into all traffic.




Array decrypts SSL traffic to allow inspection and remediation by 3rd-party security devices, and then optionally re-encrypts before sending to the final destination.



Offers multiple modes to accommodate different deployment environments, including L2 or L3 mode, integrated or distributed mode, forward or reverse proxy, and Webagent service.


High-performance SSL resources process SSL traffic far more efficiently than the majority of security appliances, in turn helping assure their performance.


High Availability

Able to load balance traffic across multiple security appliances, or to different appliances in turn to assure high availability and continued protection under load.

SSL Intercept Resources

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What Clients Say

We selected Array’s APV Series application delivery controllers because they enhance our software offering and allow our customers to increase productivity without sacrificing patient care or security.

Matthew Lewis

Director of IT, eClinicalWorks