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SSL Offloading for Scaling Secured Applications


SSL offloading is an essential strategy for assuring the performance of servers and business-critical applications. SSL offloading manages compute-intensive key exchange and bulk encryption and client certificate management and is ideal for scaling secure SaaS services and e-commerce environments as well as healthcare, financial services and other business-critical applications requiring high-volume secure connectivity.

Recent changes in SSL security standards have altered the landscape for network managers and application infrastructure teams. While more secure than the previous 1024-bit standard, the new 2048-bit SSL standard is five times more compute intensive and can directly impact both application performance and IT budgets.

At the same time, there is a growing trend towards broader, more ubiquitous use of SSL and demand for more robust solutions that minimize exposure to vulnerabilities such as the recent Heartbleed bug. To address these and future challenges, Array offers the most scalable, secure, feature-rich and cost-effective SSL offloading solution on the market.


Explore the benefits of hybrid SSL offloading; learn about supercharging virtual ADCs with hardware-accelerated secure transaction processing.

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Benefits of SSL Offloading


By offloading SSL functions to dedicated Array platforms, a significant burden is lifted from Web and application servers. As a result, server efficiency and application performance are greatly improved. Because Array offers unmatched scalability with the lowest cost per SSL transaction per second (TPS), businesses can support more secure connections than ever before without impacting the end-user experience and without undue cost and complexity. Moreover, Array’s purpose-built SSL stack delivers not only greater performance and scalability, it is also immune to the vulnerabilities that affect open source implementations such as OpenSSL.




Offloading SSL onto dedicated platforms lessens the burden on servers, enabling more efficient use of resources and superior application performance.



For organization with a large volume of secure transactions, Array appliances support up to 70K SSL TPS with the lowest $ per SSL TPS on the market.



Purpose-built SSL stack supports 2048 and 4096-bit cipher keys and is immune to bugs that affect open-source implementations such as OpenSSL.



Offload SSL to improve the performance of virtual ADCs or deploy high-performance SSL to give security solutions visibility into encrypted traffic.

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Trading volume has now tripled compared to the time we adopted this technology, and the APV5600 has demonstrated extremely stable operation despite its application in processing, which typically takes up the greatest load.

Keita Nakamura

Systems Department Chief, YJFX, Inc.

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