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Press Release: New Version ADC

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HomePress ReleasePress Release: New Version ADC

Array Networks Unveils New Version of Application Delivery Controller to Address the Scalability Needs of Cloud Computing Environments

New AppVelocity software version leverages SpeedCore’s multi-core technology to further enhance performance by up to 10 times

MILPITAS, CA - July 14, 2010 - Array Networks Inc., a global leader in secure application delivery, today announced a new version of its operating system for its AppVelocity (APV) portfolio of application delivery controllers (ADC). Leveraging the SpeedCore™ architecture, the new ArrayOS™ 8.1 fully leverages 64-bit processing and multi-core technology to deliver dramatic improvements in performance, packet handling and memory capacity. The new version also delivers multi-fold improvements in server offload and acceleration capabilities using new and improved functionality related to server load balancing, caching, compression, system level monitoring, process/module level resilience, application flow monitoring and field troubleshooting. Together, these enhance overall performance and scalability under a high traffic load.

At the center of the ArrayOS is SpeedCore, which uses a lock-free multi-core technology to enhance performance by up to 10 times and deliver significant capacity gains for HTTP, TCP and SSL offloading by supporting multiple 10Gbps network interface cards for application processing. The rise of Web 2.0 traffic, multi-media services, data center virtualization and hosted cloud-centric applications has made it increasingly important that ADC solutions be capable of handling complex application delivery efficiently. With the SpeedCore architecture, the ArrayOS 8.1 APV products have the ability to support diverse network and application-level routing using software-based intelligence to deliver high performance for processor-intensive applications.

“The combination of high-performance and high-intelligence takes the efficiency of the Array APV products to the next level,” said Michael Zhao, president and CEO of Array Networks. “For more than a decade Array has been working with Global 500 customers in understanding the fundamental cause-and-effect relationships within complex application delivery architectures. We have identified datacenter ‘bottlenecks,’ and redesigned key components to make them more efficient and better able to handle the data center evolution. With this breakthrough architecture, Array effectively leverages multi-core technology to deliver huge performance gains directly to customers at low TCO.”

In addition to architectural advancements, Array delivers time-tested, mature features that have been used by thousands of customers worldwide. The new architecture has gone through extensive field deployment over the last 18 months and is purpose-built to handle the demands of enterprise data centers, as well as the evolving public and private cloud environments. For example, new content-aware engines allow ArrayOS 8.1-based products to achieve up to 400% improvement in small packet processing for applications such as VOIP, instant messaging / chat, tele-conferencing, stock trading, etc. SpeedCore allows Array APV products to support multiple applications simultaneously without negatively impacting user experience or application uptime. This enables network managers to deploy more applications and services in parallel and in real-time, thereby reducing overall deployment costs.


The ArrayOS 8.1 APV products currently shipping based on SpeedCore include the APV3520, APV5200 and APV6200.

About Array Networks

Founded in 2000, Array Networks is a global leader in enterprise secure application delivery and universal access solutions for rapidly growing SSL VPN and application acceleration markets. More than 3,500 customers worldwide – including enterprises, service providers, government and vertical organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance and education – rely on Array to provide anytime, anywhere secure and optimized access. Industry leaders including Deloitte, Red Herring, and Frost and Sullivan have recognized Array as a market and technology leader.

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