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Get up to 86% better NGFW throughput in a multitenant environment.

Next-gen firewalls and other security devices are critical for protecting today's advanced web and application servers, but IT departments are increasingly moving to virtual environments. Security services running on commercial off-the-shelf servers too frequently suffers from poor performance – and scalability is a question mark.

There is another answer, however. The Tolly Group, a 3rd-party validation firm, recently tested industry-leading NGFW virtual appliances running on Array’s AVX Series platform to determine both performance and scalability versus manufacturer's specifications. The results are clear:

  • NGFW per-VA throughput exceeded manufacturer's specs by up to 86% when running on the AVX, and scaled linearly across small to large instances.
  • Similarly, per-VA transactions per second easily scale, in a linear manner.
  • Both throughput and transactions per second remain remarkably consistent no matter how many instances or instance sizes are running in a multitenant environment.

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