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SSL/TLS-encrypted data flows now make up the majority of internet traffic and are expected to rise. Bad actors are increasingly hiding malware via SSL/TLS encryption, making it even more important for security devices like WAF and NGFW to decrypt and inspect this traffic before re-encryption and forwarding to the final destination.

Processing SSL/TLS traffic comes at a cost, however. The Tolly Group, a 3rd-party validation firm, recently tested industry-leading WAF and NGFW virtual appliances performing SSL/TLS decryption and re-encryption both unassisted and with Array’s AVX Series platform and SSL offload. The results are clear:

  • Processing SSL/TLS traffic caused a dramatic drop in virtual WAF transactions per second and data throughput, as well as slowed URL response time that heavily impacts user experience.
  • The virtual NGFW experienced similar performance hits for transactions per second, data throughput and URL response time.
  • Array’s AVX Series and SSL offload dramatically improved performance for both WAF and NGFW.

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