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Network Functions Platform for App Delivery

Array Networks eliminates the compromise between agility and performance. Our Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create a high-density environment that provides guaranteed performance for virtual application delivery and security functions.

Delivering Guaranteed Performance

As networks become increasingly application-centric, application delivery controllers are performing a growing number of tasks. Load balancing, SSL encryption, complex traffic management, web application firewall, DDoS protection, authentication and SSL VPN are now integral elements to application delivery.

Each of these functions is compute-intensive. When integrated on an all-in-one ADC and when enabled simultaneously, performance can suffer. Performance can also suffer when virtual application delivery appliances run on general-purpose servers – with hypervisor overhead and VM contention conspiring to consume system resources.

Array’s Network Functions Platform is a flexible alternative that delivers guaranteed performance. By hosting each compute-intensive application delivery function on an independent VM, and by reserving dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and interface resources per VM, each function operates at peak levels.

Load Balancing & ADC Consolidation

Many enterprise and service provider data centers are home to a fleet of traditional hardware load balancers and application delivery controllers. These products are typically reliable and deliver a high degree of performance; however, they are also inflexible and can incur significant expense in terms of space, power and cooling.

The Network Functions Platform takes a more efficient approach. Consuming just two rack units, the platform can host up to 32 load balancing virtual appliances, each delivering guaranteed performance equivalent to that of a one rack unit hardware load balancer.

The platform also achieves a level of flexibility that far exceeds traditional hardware load balancers. Application delivery functions may be spun up on-demand via remote management and may be integrated with cloud management systems for automated provisioning. Functions can be assigned to larger VMs for higher levels of performance, capacity is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and VMs can be repurposed as needed to support other networking and security virtual appliances.

Best-of-Breed Application Delivery

It is not uncommon for all-in-one application delivery solutions to excel on one function, and come up short on others. It’s difficult to be best of breed at more than one or two things. With Array’s Network Functions Platform, enterprises and service providers can run Array load balancing and SSL VPN virtual appliances, or host virtual appliances from other best-of-breed networking and security vendors.

Whether interconnecting application delivery functions to ensure availability, security and performance for mission critical applications, or consolidating load balancing gear to reduce space, power and cooling costs, Array’s Network Functions Platform delivers an ideal combination of performance, agility and best-of-breed technology.

What Clients Say

Trading volume has now tripled compared to the time we adopted this technology, and the APV5600 has demonstrated extremely stable operation despite its application in processing, which typically takes up the greatest load.

Keita Nakamura

Systems Department Chief, YJFX, Inc.