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Network Functions Platform for MSPs

Array Networks eliminates the compromise between agility and performance. Our Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create a service environment that guarantees performance for virtual networking and security functions.

Guaranteed Performance & Agile Operations

Unlike one-size-fits all public clouds, managed service providers (MSP) meet a market demand for more robust and differentiated enterprise-class solutions. For MSPs offering networking and security services, many face competing imperatives.

Opt for the agility of deploying networking and security functions in a virtualized environment, and face significant expense and complexity in maintaining guaranteed performance and SLAs. Opt for dedicated hardware appliances and sacrifice the agility needed to control costs and offer on-demand services.

Array Networks eliminates this compromise by providing MSPs with a purpose-built service creation environment. Our Network Functions Platform hosts compute-intensive networking and security functions on independent VMs, and by reserving dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and interface resources per VM, ensures each function operates at peak levels.

Best-of-Breed Service Creation

It is not uncommon for networking and security vendors to excel on one function, and come up short on others. It’s difficult to be best-of-breed at more than one or two things. With Array’s Network Functions Platform, MSPs can run Array load balancing and SSL VPN virtual appliances, or host 3rd-party virtual appliances – such as web application firewalls and next-generation firewalls from other best-of-breed networking and security vendors.

Whether hosting a mix of app delivery, networking and security functions, or migrating a single solution away from traditional hardware appliances to reduce space, power and cooling costs, Array’s Network Functions Platform delivers an ideal combination of performance, agility and best-of-breed technology.

Taking the Guesswork Out of NFV

Mastering the intricacies of hypervisor management, virtual and physical port mapping, CPU pinning, NUMA boundary settings, SR-IOV and drivers can be costly and complex. Server-centric technologies may also be unfamiliar to an MSP’s networking and security teams. The ArrayOS™ Resource Manager abstracts these obstacles to NVF deployment by automating VM resource allocation and network settings in a manner that guarantees the performance and functionality of hosted virtual appliances.

The platform also achieves a level of flexibility that far exceeds traditional hardware appliances. Hosted virtual appliances may be spun up on-demand via remote management and may be integrated with an MSP’s cloud management system for automated provisioning. Functions can be assigned larger VMs for higher levels of performance, capacity is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and capacity can be repurposed as needed to support alternate networking and security virtual appliances.

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What Clients Say

For our competitors who offer only virtual ADCs, SSL processing can be a big problem. Using Array hardware to support LBaaS, SoftLayer can assure both scalability and performance.

Will Tharp

Manager, Network Services, SoftLayer an IBM Company