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Network Functions Platform for Security


Array Networks eliminates the trade-off between security, performance and agility. Our Network Functions Platform combines the best attributes of dedicated hardware, virtualization and software-centric computing to create an environment that provides guaranteed performance and flexible management for security virtual appliances.

Next-Generation Firewall & Security Consolidation

Many enterprise and service provider data centers are home to a fleet of traditional hardware firewalls, VPNs, IPS/IDS/UTM appliances and secure web gateways. These products are typically reliable and deliver a high degree of performance; however, they are also inflexible and can incur significant expense in terms of space, power and cooling.

The Network Functions Platform takes a more efficient approach; consuming just two rack units, the platform can host up to 32 security virtual appliances. In the case of an Array platform hosting multiple next-generation firewalls, each delivers performance equivalent to a one rack unit hardware firewall – a multifold improvement in space, power and cooling. Conversely, virtual next-generation firewalls running on Array’s platform demonstrate a significant improvement in performance as compared to running on general-purpose servers.

The platform also achieves a level of flexibility that far exceeds traditional hardware appliances. Security functions may be spun up on-demand via remote management and may be integrated with cloud management systems for automated provisioning. Functions can be assigned to larger VMs for higher levels of performance, capacity is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and VMs can be repurposed as needed to support other security virtual appliances.

Visibility, Flexibility & Interconnected Security

Encrypted traffic poses a significant challenge to network and application security; if security appliances do not have visibility to traffic, they are rendered ineffective. On the other hand, if security appliances are tasked with decryption and encryption, performance for their intended security function decreases significantly – a problem that grows worse with each additional appliance.

Array Networks eliminates this challenge by providing enterprises and service providers with a purpose-built security environment. Our Network Functions Platform hosts compute-intensive security functions on independent VMs, and by reserving dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and interface resources per VM, ensures each function operates at peak levels.

In addition, Array’s platform intercepts and offloads encryption from hosted security virtual appliances. Decrypted traffic may be routed to interconnected security services via WebUI, then re-encrypted prior to transport – providing the ideal combination of performance, security and agility.

Best-of-Breed Service Creation

It is not uncommon for security vendors to excel on one function, and come up short on others. It’s difficult to be best-of-breed at more than one or two things. With Array’s Network Functions Platform, enterprises and service providers can run Array virtual ADCs to offload and intercept SSL traffic, or run Array’s virtual SSL VPN, or host virtual appliances – such as next-generation firewalls, DDoS protection and web application firewalls from other best-of-breed security vendors.

Whether hosting a mix of security functions, or migrating a single solution away from traditional hardware appliances to reduce space, power and cooling costs, Array’s Network Functions Platform delivers an ideal combination of performance, agility and best-of-breed technology.

What Clients Say

DesktopDirect was a driving force in our decision to upgrade. Our work has evolved to require access to desktops from remote locations during travel or from home. We needed to be able to cover all use cases.

John Galotta

Executive Director for IT, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops