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FW Load Balancing

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Firewall Load Balancing, Availability & Acceleration


As network speeds and network security requirements evolve, meeting NGFW requirements by simply scaling up hardware capabilities becomes much more difficult. Specifically, a single NGFW appliance might not have the scalability or performance to address the needs of large deployments, particularly those with heavy outbound traffic such as large school districts, universities or service providers.

In those circumstances, a Layer 3 open sandwich strategy for SonicWall NGFWs can address performance and scalability needs. By pairing SonicWALL NGFWs with Array’s APV Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), the APV Series’ high-performance load balancing capability can increase the NGFWs’ performance and capacity to meet requirements.

SonicWall SuperMassive Series

Array APV Series application delivery controllers are high-performance platforms that provide Layer-3 load balancing to ensure the SonicWall SuperMassive firewalls perform at the highest possible level. This solution can ensure persistent throughput for outbound traffic (LAN to WAN for example), as well as inbound traffic such as SIP calls that originate from the WAN side

SonicWall NGFW Open Sandwich Architecture Solution Brief

SonicWall NGFW Open Sandwich Architecture Deployment Guide

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