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IPv6 Transition

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Enabling a Smooth Transition to IPv6

The growth of users, devices and applications on the Internet is creating continuous demand for new IP addresses. Because new IPv4 addresses are no longer available, enterprises, IaaS and SaaS providers and other organizations must support existing IPv4 devices as well as IPv6-capable products, all while managing the transition of their networks to IPv6.

Leveraging Array APV Series application delivery controllers' IPv6 transition capabilities, enterprises and service providers can deliver IPv4 resources to IPv6 clients, deliver IPv6 resources to IPv4 clients and enable secure and efficient application delivery for pure IPv6 networks. Array was the first application delivery controller vendor to achieve IPv6 Forum Gold Certified status to support IPv6 transition through feature parity and operation in IPv6 networks and the first vendor to offer the performance and scalability to accommodate the larger address space of IPv6 while ensuring compatibility with IPv4 networks.

IPv6 Transition, Translation & Preservation



Rapidly deploy an IPv6 Web presence without the need for duplicate equipment, content and management with server load balancing protocol translation (SLB-PT) to transform existing IPv4 sites into IPv6-compatible sites

Dual-Stack IPv6

Make the most of depleted IPv4 resources with NAT and dual NAT (dual-stack IPv6), which allow multiple clients to utilize a single IPv4 address

NAT 64 & DNS64

NAT 64 and DNS64 enable IPv6-only clients to connect to IPv4 servers and content

IPv6 Gold Certified

IPv6 feature parity for all Array products enables fully capable next-generation solutions

What Clients Say

We selected Array’s APV Series application delivery controllers because they enhance our software offering and allow our customers to increase productivity without sacrificing patient care or security.

Matthew Lewis

Director of IT, eClinicalWorks

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