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The ‘New Normal’

While remote access and remote working have become the new norm for many companies, for others there remains a divide between those set up for remote working and those who are not. When a business continuity event such as COVID-19 strikes, virtually 100% of the workforce will need to work remotely. In the context of today’s new normal, every business must ensure they adopt a remote working solution capable of supporting the requirements of the full workforce.

Best-of-Breed SSL VPN

Not all secure remote access solutions are created equal. Many organizations that support only a portion of their workforce use either an SMB appliance or rely on a VPN integrated with their edge firewall. These approaches may suffice to support a portion of the workforce; however, when tasked with supporting remote access company-wide they lack sufficient horsepower to scale.

Remote Access Personas

In addition to scalability, organizations must also consider the need to support different types of employees. For those already issued a managed device and a VPN connection, working remotely during a business continuity event will be a familiar experience. For in-office workers, who typically work from 9-to-5 on premises, remote working will be new and managed devices will not be an option. To support remote access company-wide, Array supports access methods to support the full range of remote access personas.

Remote Access VPN

Allow employees with managed laptops to securely connect to the company network from home.

Remote Desktop Access

For employees that work at the office on PCs, present their desktop inside a browser for secure access from any personal device.

Secure Web Access

Publish select applications in a secure Web portal for use by any employee group, on any device in any location.

Deployment Options

Available as physical appliances or as virtual appliances for leading hypervisors and public cloud platforms, Array’s best-of-breed SSL VPN is an ideal solution for supporting remote access and remote working company-wide in response to COVID-19 and today’s new normal.

Get a No-Cost 25-User SSL VPN Virtual Appliance

Talk to Array today to learn how we can help get your business back to work with an unrestricted, no-cost 25-user license of our award-winning SSL VPN technology.