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DDoS Protection

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DDoS Protection to Defend Critical Assets


DDoS attacks have been increasing at an alarming rate, resulting in disruption of service for legitimate users, or disabling of critical applications or even complete networks. To fight back against these attacks, IT managers previously had few options: they could block traffic and re-route it to a “black hole” or null route, or utilize a 3rd party scrubbing service to remove malicious traffic before legitimate traffic is sent on to its final destination. While these options are useful for simple flood attacks, they are not effective against more sophisticated attacks.

Array’s DDoS protection capability is a hybrid solution that offers the best of both worlds – the flexibility and control of an on-demand solution for premise-based scrubbing, with always-on machine learning to identify anomalous traffic and automatically take action to defend against it through rate limiting and other techniques.

In addition, WebWall®, Array’s web application security capabilities, can protect against a range of threats such as malformed URL attacks, Syn-flood, tear drop, ping-of-death and other malicious attacks.

Multi-Layer DDoS Protection


Array DDoS protection provides multi-layer defense across the network, session and application layers, and is an extension of the APV Series’ built-in application protection functions and multi-layered security, combined with DDoS-specific enhancements .



Multi-Layer Protection

:Leveraging the APV Series’ Layer 7 web proxy technology, Array DDoS protection includes deep packet inspection and automatic discernment of botnets.



Manual or automatic learning and setting of thresholds, blacklisting, suspect botnet verification, statistics collection, suspect client filtering, and multiple deployment models.


High-performance SSL resources with wire-speed performance scale to meet the needs of any application, and include HTTP caching, rate limiting, ACL lists, stateful firewall and more.



Included as a standard feature in all AVX Series Network Functions platforms running vAPV virtual ADCs, or on APV Series platforms, or on standalone vAPV virtual appliances.

What Clients Say

We selected Array’s APV Series application delivery controllers because they enhance our software offering and allow our customers to increase productivity without sacrificing patient care or security.

Matthew Lewis

Director of IT, eClinicalWorks